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If you, like many, feel an affinity towards this Barbie-esque vanity, it’s possible you’ve caught a bit of Barbie fever. It seems the world cannot get enough of the colour pink. You may or may not be familiar with the term “Barbiecore”, referring to one of the most popular and exciting trends of 2023-24. Birthed from the buzz around the new Greta Gerwig film Barbie all about the timeless icon herself, the world cannot get enough of all things Barbie! The Barbiecore aesthetic, true to its namesake, finds its roots in the iconic doll that has captured the hearts of millions since her introduction in 1959. Barbie is the embodiment of playful, unapologetic glamour and whimsical motifs all in the name of championing self-expression and creativity.
Barbiecore is propelled by a revival of maximalist design. Head-to-toe custom pink outfits donned by some of the most stylish celebrities have graced the red carpet, and we are nothing but supportive. This recent transition away from the minimalistic and neutral trends that occupied the top spot in the interior design world for several years and towards the exuberant and vibrant movement that is maximalism invites a renaissance of colour and extravagance. Maximalist design is all about bold colour palettes and the intuitive layering of textures and patterns to give a space a spectacular air of grandeur. The viral Toorak Penthouse is Barbie maximalism at its finest; the home is a personification of the owner’s love of fashion and dress-up. If you’re feeling inspired by this project and Barbiecore as a whole, you can look through this stylish edit and shop the look.