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Geelong, Australia

This restaurant for the staff of retail brand Cotton On, located in the brand’s global headquarters in Geelong, is a sophisticated space created by Greg Natale Design in collaboration with PTID.

A palette of blue, black and green forms a moody brasserie space, presided over by a blue panelled acoustic ceiling, its squares dotted with elegant brass lights. Across black and white marble floors, blue leather chairs and banquettes gather around marble and timber tables. Timber-panelled partitions provide warm tones, with other beautiful finishes courtesy of green and blue glazed tiles around the bar and fluted glass panels.

An attractive outdoor area reminiscent of the iconic Chateau Marmont teams timber with blue tones in comfortable seating among an abundance of plantings, established in collaboration with Myles Baldwin.

Like the building this restaurant occupies, the brand’s heritage remains a presence throughout its design. The restaurant’s name references local markets where the client used to sell denim jackets before the brand’s inception. A hallway leading off the restaurant is lined with artworks by the group’s designers – a reminder of the brand’s ongoing commitment to its people.