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Sydney, Australia

This stunning two-storey residence in Oatlely, NSW, balances the sensible symmetry of Georgian architecture with the layering of contemporary finishes to create an interior that celebrates decorative minimalism.

Beyond a elegant façade with a double-door entrance and a black and white marble flooring, tall ceilings and a curved custom staircase reveal a grand five-bedroom, five-bath family home. To unite the orderly, classical architecture and the vibrant modern décor, walls are complete with white lacquered fluting for visual, textural depth.

High ceilings make for airy, light-filled living areas that flow from one to the next through stone or timber portals. Arched windows and curved ceiling coffers create soft romance in the formal lounge, where a curated presentation of sculptural pieces enliven the neutral foundation with innovative pops of colour and texture. Printed wallpapers and colourful paint lights up various rooms with ornate charm, such the salon-inspired formal dining room that blooms in royal blue hues and a delicate grasscloth texture.

Upstairs, elegant pastels are artfully layered in contemporary European furniture and luxe finishes to create a detailed interior that is still clean, modern and light.