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Functional or simply fun, these designer décor pieces can redefine a room

Greg Natale brings his many years of experience in the interior design industry to this range of stylish home décor. Whether you are shopping for your office, bedroom, or perhaps a unique gift for friends and family, Greg Natale’s décor range is comprised of products that have been designed to never go out of style.

A trusted name within the design world, Greg thoughtfully connects his products to the fundamental principles of design, all while bringing a unique perspective to these classic elements. The result is a range of high-end products suitable for sophisticated, contemporary interiors.

Shop this range of accessories, from of bookends to candle holders, wall art to rugs, vases to decorative bowls and more. All products are custom designed in-house at Greg Natale studios. Greg Natale values high-level design, material, and craftsmanship, so each piece is carefully sourced to meet our standards. Elevate your online shopping experience and explore this range of cool decor, with each piece possessing a timeless appeal that transcends trends to remain relevant across various eras.