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Each piece from Greg Natale’s shell décor collection is meticulously hand-crafted. Shell and stone are naturally occurring materials, so pieces may vary slightly in appearance – these are not faults, they are the details that make each creation wonderfully unique.

Treat your memories to a home befitting royalty with the magnificent Egon Shell Frame.

Egon elegantly marries the sleekness of brass with the mottled natural beauty of tiger pen shell, while luxurious velvet backing ensures your favourite pictures are sitting pretty. Pair it with the Egon Shell Frame in Black for a power grouping.

Strong, sleek and eminently chic, Egon is a box built on princely lines. The pairing of dyed black pen shell and glossy brass edging creates a dramatic contrast that highlights the textural detail of the shell, providing a power look to any room.

There’s an edgy glamour to Nico that evokes New York at night – the defined stripes of tiger pen shell and brass suggest the lines of a stage or dancefloor as they make their mark against the background of dyed black pen shell.

Toss your party hardware and spare guitar strings in here, start up some Velvet Underground tunes or watch a Warhol documentary. The night is yours.

From watches, cufflinks and tiaras to trinkets, coasters and remote controls, your style secrets are safe here.