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Sydney, Australia

This four-storey, four-bedroom oceanfront residence is a beach house like no other, and its sophisticated palette, materials and layout have been beautifully tailored to suit its surroundings.

Collaborating with an architect to redesign the exterior, Greg Natale worked as interior designer and interior architect, taking the idea of a coastal pastel palette and giving it an opulent interpretation through high-end finishes and furnishings.

The space is imbued with a serene lightness of look and softness of feel, its palette of grey, blush and teal subtly echoing the tones outside. Polished plaster ceilings suggest the fluidity of water with their high-gloss finish, while texture comes into play through furniture and wallpaper. A travertine staircase and wall are highlighted by brass railings, making it a striking central feature across the four-storeys, with brass and gold trims continuing throughout the house.

Designer and custom furniture and rugs are organic in line, linking with the landscape outside. With a pool, gym and cellar among its many features, this unconventional beach house exudes luxury on every level.