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Sydney, Australia

Perched high up in Sydney’s iconic Horizon building, designed in the ’80s by the late Australian architect Harry Seidler, Greg Natale’s own apartment is enjoying its third interior redesign.

This latest incarnation has evolved around a sumptuous maroon palette that acts as dramatic backdrop to a lovingly curated collection of art, vintage pieces, contemporary and custom-designed furniture and accessories.

Maroon carpet and maroon-painted walls in the entrance and living area create a dramatic cocooning effect and moody disco vibe, enhanced by the gleam of mirrored and metal surfaces. A golden marble-like seam runs through the white wallpaper on the entrance ceiling and on the walls of the bedrooms and the kitchen, where brass cabinetry and a maroon stucco ceiling complete the effect.

Crisp white ceilings with beautiful rounded coffers, soft grey marble and terrazzo in the kitchen, and grey tiles in the ensuite allow the brass and gold accents to shine, in a sophisticated, sultry space that befits the harbour city beyond.