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A textural symphony of classic and contemporary design elements, Greg Natale’s Oatley House makes a stylish eleven-page debut in the June/July issue of Belle Magazine. Clean and modern, each light-filled space in this two storey family residence features floor-to-ceiling fluting and marble finishes for a visually unique finish that exudes innovative elegance. “The idea was all about creating texture so the house didn’t feel too plain, especially with all the neutral tones” Greg tells Belle writer Judy Pascoe when asked about the interior’s deco-esque elements, such as the stepped ceilings and fluted joinery. Despite the subtle deco details in the interior architecture, the selection of sculptural modern furniture anchors the overall design in the contemporary present.

Natale displays an impressive attention to detail in each curated layer. Various rooms boasting vibrant colours break up the overall palette of black and neutral grey tones for exciting moments of maximalist design. See more photos of the Oatley residence here.

Also featured in Belle’s Milan issue is Greg’s Onda Console, available for order now! Purchase your copy of the latest issue of Belle Magazine to learn more.