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Endless Love

I’ll never forget my first love. Those smooth, curvaceous legs, the sheer top … the minute I set eyes on them, I was lost. It was 1982, Dynasty was on TV, and Alexis’s desk with its glass top and curved tusk legs was the most enchanting thing I’d ever seen. It was the moment that set me on my first step to becoming an interior designer. Since then, there have been other loves. Pattern – you were one of my firsts, and I’ll never forget you. I still carry you with me everywhere I go. Colour, I’ll always stay true to you. Brass, you bring that special something to any room you’re in. Disco, you’ve got the best of my love, and I just can’t get enough.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for a little reminiscing and a lot of indulging. Treat yourself to a beautiful gift, treat a loved one – or, better still, treat your home, so all can enjoy it. Maybe a vase for flowers, a tray for chocolates, or a bowl for that treasured piece of jewellery. A little something that will have you singing, “I feel love!”