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The New Romantics and other iconic ’80s aesthetics are having a renaissance, and they’re as vibrant as we remember them to be. The New Romantics movement, born in the late ’70s and early ’80s, was characterized by its emphasis on individualism, flamboyant fashion, and a penchant for synthesizer-heavy music. It was more than just a style; it was an escape from the drudgery of daily life, a bold statement of uniqueness in a pre-digital era. Now, as we navigate through the 2020s, there’s a tangible yearning for the same escapism and distinctiveness that defined that era.

From the bold color palettes to the dramatic silhouettes, the visual appeal of the ’80s has never truly died. A celebration of self, artistic flamboyance, and emotional richness, the aesthetics from this era are too striking to be forgotten. Fashion runways and social media influencers are dripping with echoes of shoulder pads, sequins, and velvet—materials that scream for attention and defy the minimalism that dominated fashion trends in recent years. In embracing the New Romantics and other ’80s aesthetics, we’re not just remembering a decade; we’re acknowledging the cyclical nature of culture. Every chord of synthesized music, every ruffle on a shirt, every line of neon lighting is a reminder that the past is never passé, but a wellspring of inspiration for a new generation eager to make its mark, boldly and loudly, just as it was done some forty years ago.

The explosion of art, music and fashion on the 70s and 80s has been hugely inspirational to Greg. From the launch of his New Wave Ceramics in 2021 to the release of the Blitz Crystal Collection last year, the designer’s reimagination of postmodern avant-garde ingenuity means that you can take a piece of this iconic era home with you–we’re certain the ’80s are here to stay! Shop Greg’s collection of New Wave accessories here.