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A vein of architectural inspiration runs through every Greg Natale piece, and our Niemeyer Bowls are no exception. Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer celebrated the purity of form and the beauty of curves, and this collection gives a nod to his vision, overlaying it with the free-flowing beauty of marble. ‘I’m obsessed with Neimeyer’s buildings in Brasilia,’ says Greg. ‘You only have to look at his spectacular National Congress building, with its dual contrasting domes, to see where my thoughts were with this design.’

Niemeyer Bowls are available in three different sizes and a range of sumptuous colours: the rich, dark Merlot, the brick red of Rosso, the velvety green Foresta, the elegant monochromes of Nero and Fiore, and the pale honeyed Travertine. Standing solo or in a group, they make a wonderfully sculptural statement.