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Stella Diva Rug

AU$ 4,950.00

Stella Rug

AU$ 4,950.00

Rinna Rug

AU$ 2,640.00

Pollux Rug

AU$ 4,950.00

Nova Rug

AU$ 4,725.00

Mezza Rug

AU$ 4,050.00

Maja Rug

AU$ 4,950.00

Banto Rug

AU$ 4,950.00

If you’re seeking some interior ideas and accessories to revamp your space, Greg Natale brings his many years of experience in the interior design industry to this latest range of stylish home décor.


Greg famously references iconic eras of art and design in his work, and these pieces from the 2023 homewares collection are no exception. Designed to never go out of style, each new piece has a timeless appeal that transcends trends to remain relevant across various eras. Natale thoughtfully connects these pieces to the fundamental principles of design, all while bringing his own unique perspective to classic elements. The result is a range of high-end products suitable for sophisticated, contemporary interiors.


Shop this range of bookends, candle holders, wall art, rugs, furniture, vases, decorative bowls and more, featuring limited-edition collaborations with Designer Rugs and Covet Collection. Unique and tailored to achieve a refined, statement finish, all products are custom designed in-house at Greg Natale studios. Greg Natale values high-level design, material, and craftsmanship, so each piece is carefully sourced to meet our standards.